Mid-USA 2023 Catalog

ELECTRICAL SECTION RED PART NUMBERS INDICATE NEW PARTS 1-49 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 CONTENTS ELECTRICAL FRAME FRONT END CONTROL WHEEL ENGINE DRIVE TRAIN FUEL EXHAUST GENERAL REFERENCE Taillight/License Mounts Back View Front View CATEYE SIDE MOUNT LICENSE BACKING PLATE KIT AND HINGE MOUNT Billet aluminum custom Cateye License Backing Plates and License Plate Frame are ball milled on the back, grooved to hide the taillight wires and include hardware for mounting on the hinge bracket. The Billet aluminum hinge mount has a spring loaded detent for positive engagement. The detent half of the hinge is polished aluminum, the rest is chrome plated, including the mounting hardware. Folds parallel to frame when parking in tight spaces to give you room to move around your bike. Fits 7” x 4” license plates. See Index under Ball Milled Matching Accessories for matching items. Part 13116 License Plate Frame & Backing Plate Kits Custom Use OE STYLE TAILLIGHT AND LICENSE MOUNT ASSEMBLY FOR FXWG AND FXST Direct replacement for the mount found on FXWG and FXST 1980/1999. This chrome plated steel mount will also fit our 22004 rear fender found in Section 2 . Use with our OE style taillight 11210 found on 1-38 . (Rpls. HD 59993-80A & 59993-80TA) Part 13205 CUSTOM LICENSE PLATE MOUNT AND BACKING PLATE KIT • Chrome plated license plate mount and backing plate. • Includes two rubber spacers to control vibration and angle of plate. • OE 3 hole type mounting. • May also be adapted to many top of fender universal applications. • 7” X 4” license plate frame. Part 13219 Shown Installed Includes Fits Big Twin & Sportster 1973/Later with 3 hole mount pattern • Two piece assembly with a chrome aluminum license plate frame and black steel backing plate. • Includes rubber spacer to control vibration. • OE type 3 hole mounting. • 7” x 4” license plate frame. Part 13266 CURVED STYLE LICENSE MOUNT WITH BACKING PLATE Fits any fender