Mid-USA 2023 Catalog

ELECTRICAL SECTION RED PART NUMBERS INDICATE NEW PARTS 1-45 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 CONTENTS ELECTRICAL FRAME FRONT END CONTROL WHEEL ENGINE DRIVE TRAIN FUEL EXHAUST GENERAL REFERENCE REPLACEMENT PARTS Taillight/License Mounts & Lenses 11224 11767 13112 11216 & 19925 TAILLIGHT/LICENSE MOUNT KITS FOR 7” FAT BOB FENDERS Description Bulb Type Part Complete Kit With Heavy Duty Mount with slotted Bulb 11216 mounting hole for adjustment of angle (.120” Thick) LED Type 19925 • 12 volt. • Your choice of bulb type or LED (light emitting diode) type lighting for the taillight. • The bulb type uses a single automotive style #1157 or our 11801 incandescent dual contact bulb. • The LED type uses 60 red LEDs for the brake/running light function and 3 blue LEDs for the license illumination. LEDs are not affected by vibration or moisture and have an incredibly long life span. The LED lights do not produce any heat and draw only 6 watts of power as opposed to the 29.4 watts that the incandescent bulb draws. • These kits fit snugly under the fender, and the taillight follows the contour of the fender. Description Part # LED Type Taillight Assembly 11224 Taillight Lens 11767 Heavy Duty Mount with slotted mounting hole for adjustment of angle (.120” Thick) 13112 Note: These taillight assemblies are not DOT approved and should be used accordingly. Note: Also fits standard width (7”) custom Fat Bob style rear fenders, such as our 22004 or 22009. Fits FXWG and FXST 1980/1999 CUSTOM TAILLIGHT AND LICENSE PLATE MOUNT FOR FAT BOB FENDERS • This chrome plated steel Custom Taillight Bracket and License Plate Mount fit up under Fat Bob style rear fenders. • It will accept most custom taillights. Part 13101 Fits FXWG and FXST 1980/1999 with 7” wide fender