Mid-USA 2023 Catalog

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 TABLE OF CONTENTS i-31 CONTENTS ELECTRICAL FRAME FRONT END CONTROL WHEEL ENGINE DRIVE TRAIN FUEL EXHAUST GENERAL REFERENCE Catalog & Label Abbreviations A ADJ Adjuster ADV Advance ALUM Aluminum AMKT Aftermarket APP Application ASY Assembly B BLK Black BRG Bearing BRK Brake BRKR Breaker BRKT Bracket BRTHR Breather BSHG Bushing BSS Braided Stainless Steel BSW Black Side Wall BT Big Twin BTY Battery C CAD Cadmium Plated CARB Carburetor CB Circuit Breaker CC Cubic Centimeters CCA Cold Cranking Amps CFM Cubic Feet Per Minute CI Cubic Inches CKP Crankshaft Position Sensor CL Clutch CLP Clamp CLR Clear COMP Compression CON Connecting COND Condenser CONV Conversion CP Chrome Plated CTR Center CTS Countershaft CUS Custom CV Constant Velocity CVR Cover CYL Cylinder D DC Drop Center DDT Dual Downtube DEG Degree DIA Diameter DL Double Lip DOT Department of Transportation DR Drive DYNA All Dyna Models E E Early EFI Electronic Fuel Injection ELE Electric ELEC Electronic ENG Engine ES Electric Start EVO Evolution EX Except EXH Exhaust EXT Extension F 45ci All 45 Cubic Inch Models FDR Fender FL All FL Models FLT All FLT Models FR Front FRM Frame FT Foot FX All FX Models FXR All FXR Models G GAL Gallon GEN Generator GLD Gold GR Gear GRN Green GSKT Gasket H HB Handlebar HD Harley-Davidson® HLGN Halogen HRDW Hardware HYD Hydraulic I ID Inside Diameter I/E Intake & Exhaust IF Inverted Flair IGN Ignition IHD Ironhead INC Includes INS Instrument INSP Inspection INST Instruction INT Intake K K All K & KH Models K/E Kick or Electric KN All Knucklehead Models KPH Kilometer Per Hour KS Kickstart KW Kilowatt L L Late/Later /L And Later /L* And Later through Year Previous To This Publication Date LED Light Emitting Diode LG Long LH Left or Left Hand LIC License LRG Large LT Light LTR Leather LVR Lever LW Lower M M# Manufacturer’s # MAT Material MCL Master Cylinder MCV Metal Center Valve MDLS Models MECH Mechanical MFG Manufacturer MINI Miniature MM Millimeter MPH Miles Per Hour MSHF Mainshaft MSV Metal Side Valve MT Mount MTG Mounting MTR Motor N NPT National Pipe Thread NEG Negative NG Narrow Glide NWW Narrow Whitewall O OD Outside Diameter ODO Odometer OE Original Equipment OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer OHV Overhead Valve ORN Orange OS Oversize P PASS Passenger PCS Pieces PERF Performance PH All Panhead Models PKG Package PL Plain PLT Plated POL Polished PRE Previous To PRES Pressure PRI Primary R RBR Rubber RD Round REC Rectifier REG Regulator RET Retainer RH Right or Right Hand RIG Rigid RKR Rocker RPLS Replaces RPM Revolutions Per Minute RR Rear RSD Right Side Drive RSV Rubber Side Valve RWL Raised White Letter R&R Remove & Replaces S S/D Single and Dual SA Swingarm SC Sprint Compound SDT Single Downtube SFT Shaft SG Shotgun Exhaust SGL Single SH All Shovelhead Models SHF Shift SIG Signal /* Through Year Previous to this Publication Date (/) Slash Through SOL Solenoid SPC Spacer SPD Speed SPDO Speedometer SPEC Special SPG Spring SPKT Sprocket SPRG Springer SPT All Sportster Models SQ Square ST All Softail Models STD Standard Length, Size or Style STK Stock or OEM STL Steel STR Starter, Start STRT Straight SS Stainless Steel SV All Side Valve Models SW Switch SYS System T ( / ) Through T Teeth TLITE Taillight TACH Tachometer TC Twin Cam TC 88 Twin Cam 88ci Engine TC 88B Twin Cam 88B (balanced) Engine TD Turn Down Muffler TH Throttle THD Thread TK Thick TDC Top Dead Center TL Tubeless Tire TO Turnout Muffler TP Tapered Muffler TRN Transmission TS Turn Signal TT Tube Tire TTL Tube or Tubeless Tire TW Twisted U UNC Coarse Thread UNF Fine Thread UNIV Universal US Under Size UW Use With V V Volt VG Valve Guide VIL Violet VLV Valve VOES Vacuum Operated Electronic Switch W W/ With WG Wide Glide W/O Without WH White WHL Wheel WWW Wide White Wall Y YEL Yellow YRS Years