Mid-USA 2023 Catalog

FRAME SECTION RED PART NUMBERS INDICATE NEW PARTS 2-14 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 CONTENTS REFERENCE GENERAL EXHAUST FUEL DRIVE TRAIN ENGINE WHEEL CONTROL FRONT END FRAME ELECTRICAL Frame Parts FRAME BRACKETS FOR BIG TWIN AND CUSTOM USE Never offered by anyone before. These weld-on Frame Brackets made for MID-USA are great for repairing damaged frames or adding required mounts that custom builders often need but are too time consuming to fabricate. Part 26528 Part 26532 Part 26531 Part 26500 Part 26529 Part 26530 Part 26533 Electrical Connector Use with Flatside Fat Bobs. Highway Bar & Clutch Cable Use with Big Twin 4 speed 1971/Later & Softail all years. Reservoir & Rectifier Use with FXST 1984/1999. External Oil filter Use with Softail 1987/1991. Rear Master Cylinder Use with FXST Late 1987/1999. Dash Panel Use with Flatside Fat Bobs. Turn Signal Module Use with Softail 1991/1999. Seat Post Coil Use with Big Twin 4 speed Late 1982/Later, & Softail 1984/1999. Part 26534 • Faithful reproduction of the original. • TIG welded for strength. (Rpls. HD 48868-00) SEAT POST WITH COIL MOUNT FOR SOFTAIL Part 26543 Fits Softail 2000/2006 ENGINE CRANKCASE GUARDS FOR BIG TWIN • The Engine Crankcase Guard for 4 speed Big Twin 1936/Later is well worth the money and is an important protection plan to keep your engine safe from damage. • Rpls. HD 24490-36T Chrome Part 26508