Mid-USA 2023 Catalog

INDEX 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 ELECTRICAL SECTION RED PART NUMBERS INDICATE NEW PARTS 1-134 CONTENTS REFERENCE GENERAL EXHAUST FUEL DRIVE TRAIN ENGINE WHEEL CONTROL FRONT END FRAME ELECTRICAL Generators & Overhaul Kit • These high quality generators are available in chrome or black. • They meet or exceed OEM specifications throughout. • All Harley-Davidson® or our replacement internal components can be used. • Fits Big Twin 1965/1969, Sportster 1965/1981 and Servi-Car 1965/1973 with 12 volt generator system. • Can also be used on all models 1958/1964 to convert from 6 volt to 12 volt generator system. Drive gear not included. Description Part # (Rpls. HD 29976-83T) 17002 (Rpls. HD 29975-65TA) 17001 MODEL 65A 12 VOLT GENERATORS FOR ALL MODELS GENERATOR ENDS WITH REGULATOR FOR ALL 65A GENERATORS GENERATOR OVERHAUL KIT FOR 58 AND 65A MODEL GENERATORS • Accel’s 2 brush, 6 or 12 volt Generator Overhaul Kit is blister packaged, showing off the top notch parts included. • Contains replacement gasket, double lip oil seal and brushes. • Fits models 58 and 65A generators. Part 17355 12 VOLT GENERATORS WITH BUILT-IN REGULATOR FOR ALL MODELS • Integrated design combines the solid state regulator into the end of the generator, for an uncluttered look with simplified wiring. • The regulator incorporates the armature support bearing to keep the overall length (7.58” from gasket surface fins) to a minimum. • The regulator not only controls voltage, it limits current (amps) in an inverse proportion, by sensing the temperature of the armature. As the temperature increases, the amperage decreases. This provides more amps after a cold start to recharge the battery faster (5 minutes instead of 20), yet protects against overheating. • See 1-126 for drive gear, oil deflector plate and gasket. • Instructions are included. (Also used to update 1958/1964 6 volt charging systems to 12 volt) Part 16268 Black Part 16267 Chrome Fits Big Twin 1965/1969, Sportster 1965/1981 & Servi-Car 1965/1973 • Solid state regulator mounts directly to the left end of the generator, eliminating the need for remotely mounted regulator. • Includes needle bearing for armature support. • Installation instructions are included. Note: Not designed to be used with a 5.5 amp battery. Part 17012 Chrome Part 17011 Black Fits Big Twin 1965/1969, Sportster 1965/Early 1984 & Servi-Car 1965/1973