Mid-USA 2023 Catalog

ELECTRICAL SECTION RED PART NUMBERS INDICATE NEW PARTS 1-129 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 CONTENTS ELECTRICAL FRAME FRONT END CONTROL WHEEL ENGINE DRIVE TRAIN FUEL EXHAUST GENERAL REFERENCE Starter Drive Parts STARTER DRIVE GEAR 67501- 67503- 67505- (Rpls. HD 31443-65A) STARTER DRIVE PARTS FOR SPORTSTER GASKET 67414F (Rpls. HD 31471-67A) Fits Sportster 1967/1980 STARTER SHAFT HOUSING BEARING 1967/1980 67511 (Rpls. HD 9062) STARTER DRIVE RETAINER RING 67500F (Rpls. HD 11039) STARTER SHAFT NEEDLE BEARING 67504 (Rpls. HD 9063) STARTER SHAFT SHIFTER COLLAR 67510 (Rpls. HD 31503-65) STARTER DRIVE PARTS FOR SPORTSTER 1981/LATER 1-126 O RING OIL SEAL 67512J (Rpls. HD 11116) • This jackshaft assembly cures the dreaded non-engagement issue when you push the starter button. • This kit features separate pinion gear and jackshaft that allows the unit to smoothly engage into the starter ring gear. • Included pinion gear is the 9 tooth style. • For use on 2” and 3” open BDL style belt drives. BELT DRIVE JACKSHAFT ASSEMBLY Part 67537