Mid-USA 2023 Catalog

ELECTRICAL SECTION RED PART NUMBERS INDICATE NEW PARTS 1-93 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 CONTENTS ELECTRICAL FRAME FRONT END CONTROL WHEEL ENGINE DRIVE TRAIN FUEL EXHAUST GENERAL REFERENCE Ignitions ELECTRONIC IGNITION FOR BIG TWIN AND SPORTSTER Note: Will not fit fuel injected models, Twin Cam or Sportster 1200S. Part 17554 Dual Fire System Complete System Fits all Big Twin 1970/1999 and Sportster 1971/2003 Part 17573 • Completely self contained electronic ignition system. • Hall effect style ignition which uses magnetic pickups to trigger the spark. • Available in dual fire or single fire versions. • Use 5 ohm coils for street use and 3 ohm coils for race use. • Includes mechanical advance unit. Single Fire ELECTRONIC IGNITIONS FOR BIG TWIN & SPORTSTER Fits Big Twin models 1970/1999 & Sportster models 1971/2003 Note: Will not fit EFI models, Twin Cam or Sportster 1200S Dual Fire Part 17572 Not legal for sale or use in California, or on any pollution controlled vehicles. Not legal for sale or use in California, or on any pollution controlled vehicles. Part 17553 Single Fire System Complete System • Proven design with our competitively priced POWER HOUSE performance to give you the most bang for the buck. • Work with most aftermarket coils that have 2 to 3 OHMs primary resistance. • Mechanical advance unit is required. • We recommend our POWER HOUSE performance tuneable advance unit 17548 found on Page 1-92 for the best life and tuneability. • Can be used to convert points ignitions to electronic ignitions or replace factory electronic systems with a more powerful system that eliminates the factory RPM limiter. • Instructions included.