Mid-USA 2023 Catalog

ELECTRICAL SECTION RED PART NUMBERS INDICATE NEW PARTS 1-83 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 CONTENTS ELECTRICAL FRAME FRONT END CONTROL WHEEL ENGINE DRIVE TRAIN FUEL EXHAUST GENERAL REFERENCE Coils HIGH POWER IGNITION COILS FOR 12 VOLT REPLACEMENT High Power 30,000 plus volt coils. Typically increases peak spark plug voltage by 20% or more. These coils are black in color and bolt into stock position. Improves starting, stops high speed miss, increases mileage and overall performance. Description & Year Part # 12 volt, 5.0 OHM fits 1965/Later Points 16053 Ignitions and 1978/1979 Electronic Ignitions (Rpls. HD 31609-65A) 12 volt, 4.0 OHM fits 1980/1984Electronic 16052 Ignitions (Rpls. HD 31609-80) Accel’s Power Pulse 12 volt 4.2 OHM Coil features greater available spark voltage, faster rise time, and longer spark duration than OEM coils. Molded in bright yellow impact resistant thermoplastic compound, this Accel coil is guaranteed to improve starting, mid range throttle response, and top-end performance on points-triggered or Prestolite electronic ignition Harleys®. A potent combination when teamed up with our Super Plate, Accel 8.8 ignition wires, and U-Groove spark plugs. Replaces Big Twin & Sportster molded style coils 1965/1983. (Rpls. HD 31609-65A) POWER PULSE COIL FOR BIG TWIN & SPORTSTER Part 16007 HIGH PERFORMANCE ROUND COILS FOR BIG TWIN These High Performance Dual Fire Round Coils produce 10% greater output capacity than stock and include a seat post type mount. The two 7mm copper core spark plug wires measure 23” long and can be cut to the desired length. The screwon tower caps include rubber seals to keep any moisture out. Fits Big Twin 4 speed 1936/1979 as listed and custom applications. Part 16011 2 OHM 6 Volt, 1936/1964 (Rpls. HD 31604-48) Part 16010 4 OHM 12 Volt, 1965/1979 Description & Year Part # 4.7 OHM fits 12 volt Points Triggered Ignitions 1965/1979 16027 (Rpls. HD 31609-65A) 2.3 OHM fits Electronic Ignition Systems on Big Twin 1980/1999 16028 (except EFI & Twin Cam) & Sportster 1980/2003 (except 1200s) (Rpls. HD 31614-83A & 31609-80) Accel’s Super Coils are designed to assure maximum available spark energy, fast coil rise time, and produce a 30,000-volt output. The OEM coil produces approximately 20,000 volts making the newly installed Super Coil yield instant power gains. Using the late model OEM configuration for easy bolt on installation, the Super Coils are designed for either electronically or point fired HarleyDavidson® V-Twins as listed. The custom finned cap serves as a voltage dam to prevent arcing and flashover. The two versions of Super Coil both carry a lifetime replacement warranty with state of the art internal components. See 1-110/120 for spark plug wires. SUPER COIL KIT FOR 12 VOLT MODELS This is the most powerful coil that Accel builds for Harley-Davidson® applications. Its extremely high output requires the use of our severe duty Accel 8.8 carbon core silicone jacketed racing spark plug wires. This kit is complete with two Accel 8.8 ignition wires and appropriate chrome brackets, hardware, and installation instructions. This 3 OHM dual fire Accel Super Coil was designed exclusively for use with Harley-Davidson® ignition systems and is completely compatible with all 12 volt points or electronic systems 1965/1999 models (except EFI, Twin Cam and 1200S). Part 16006 Description Part # 8.8mm High Performance 18758 Spark Plug Wire Set REPLACEMENT PART SUPER COILS FOR BIG TWIN & SPORTSTER