Mid-USA Motorcycle Parts 2022 Volume 38 En-Cycle-Pedia Catalog

ELECTRICAL SECTION RED PART NUMBERS INDICATE NEW PARTS 1-21 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 CONTENTS ELECTRICAL FRAME FRONT END CONTROL WHEEL ENGINE DRIVE TRAIN FUEL EXHAUST GENERAL REFERENCE • Fits 11031, 11034 & 11922 or any assembly requiring a H-3 style halogen bulb. • This 12 volt H-3 style halogen bulb utilizes a PK225 base and includes a 3” long lead wire terminated with a 1/4” male spade. • Overall length of bulb is 1 1/2”, and the globe measures 7/16” O.D.. Size Description Rpls. HD Part # 4 1/2” Spotlight with 68674-69 11908 single filament, 55 watt 5 3/4” Incandescent –– 11916 Sealed Beam 37.5/60 watt 7” Headlight –– 11907 65/35 watt Halogen Assemblies, Halogen & Sealed Beam Headlights Customize your existing 5 3/4” O.D. headlight with one of these non-fluted Halogen Headlight Lens Kits. Rather than having a fluted lens like conventional headlights, these feature a smooth lens that relies on its fluted steel shell to provide the beam’s illumination pattern. Available with a reversing cup or without a reversing cup. The reversing cup is similar to what you see on late model automobiles. The cup helps to reverse the light output back to the fluted surface of the shell, and can only be used with a halogen bulb with a maximum output of 60 watts. The Headlight Lens Kit without a cup can be used with 60 watt or higher output replacement bulbs. Both style Headlight Lens Kits include a replaceable H-4 type 60/55 halogen bulb. For replacement and high output bulbs, see Page 1-22 . HALOGEN HEADLIGHT LENS KIT Part 11920 Without Reversing Cup Fits all 12 volt 5 3/4” O.D. headlight shells 12 VOLT SEALED BEAMS FOR REPLACEMENT USE 7” 5 3/4” • Economically priced sealed beams with non-replaceable bulbs. (Rpls. HD 67698-81B) HALOGEN CONVERSION KITS FOR CONVERTING SEALED BEAMS Halogen headlight conversions are exact replacements for sealed beams used on most Big Twin and Sportster models. They provide substantially improved lighting, with little or no modifying, at a modest cost. A 12 volt 60/55 watt dual filament halogen bulb allows high and low beam operation. 7” Kit Description Part # 7” Conversion Kit 11900 5 3/4” Conversion Kit 11901 60/55 Watt Halogen Bulb only (Rpls. HD 67697-81) 11807 100/55 Watt Halogen Bulb only 11809 60/55 Watt Xenon Boosted Premium Blue Bulb only 11814 (Rpls. HD 67755-81A) 5 3/4” Kit 11901 11900 5 3/4” BULLET STYLE HEADLIGHT ASSEMBLY FOR CUSTOM USE • 12 volt assembly features a 5” deep steel shell and includes a 30/30 watt sealed beam headlight. • Requires our 3/4” wide mounting bracket 11703 (sold separately). • Provides a clean custom look where a shell mounted high beam indicator is not desired. Description Part # Headlight connector 12202 plug with 12” wires REPLACEMENT PART Part 11703 Part 11019 4 1/2” REPLACEMENT BULB FOR CUSTOM SPOTLIGHTS Part 11804 55 Watt Complete Assembly Mounting Bracket