Mid-USA Motorcycle Parts 2022 Volume 38 En-Cycle-Pedia Catalog

INDEX 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 ELECTRICAL SECTION RED PART NUMBERS INDICATE NEW PARTS 1-4 CONTENTS REFERENCE GENERAL EXHAUST FUEL DRIVE TRAIN ENGINE WHEEL CONTROL FRONT END FRAME ELECTRICAL USB Chargers, Jump Start Harness & Jump Start Kit USB CHARGING SYSTEMS The New EKLIPESTM Cobra Charging System is the ultimate motorcycle cell phone & GPS adapter on the market today. • One 12 volt charging socket. • On/off switch. • Kit comes complete with 3’ 6” length wire, an SAE dual pin quick connector and 2000 amp EZ jump start 2’ battery harness. • Mount fits all 7/8”, 1” & 1 1/4” handlebars. Chrome with chrome mount Part # 14242 Black with black mount Part # 14243 Front View Part 14225 DUO USB SMART CHARGER WITH VEHICLE BATTERY VOLTAGE DISPLAY • Early warning failure detection for batteries AND stator units. • Digital voltage display also reads the output of vehicle battery. • Automatically adjusts current to avoid overcharging devices. • LED lit USB ports make plug-in easier in low light environments. • Intelligently concentrates a higher flow of current to the device that needs it most. • Duo USB Smart Charger has 2 state-of-the-art USB Ports with a combined 3.1 Amps (1 Amp and 2.1 Amps) designed to automatically control the flow of current. This not only protects against damage to the battery due to overcharging, but also smart charges 2 devices by focusing a higher current to the device that needs it most! These USB Ports use LED integration technology to illuminate in the dark to make plugging into it easier in low-light environments. • The Duo has a digital voltage display that reads the output of the vehicle battery and alternator / stator unit for 12 and 24 volt vehicles. Part 14246 • The New EklipesTM patented design universal bike-2-bike jumper pack is like no other jumper cable system in the world. • Includes: • 2’ 3” jump-start compatible battery harness. • 2,000 amp, 5’ bike-2-bike jump-start extension cable. • 2’ 3” battery clips with female BMW plug (just in case the other bike does not have Eklipes battery harness. • Waterproof caps. EKLIPES BIKE-2-BIKE BATTERY JUMPING KIT