Mid-USA Motorcycle Parts 2022 Volume 38 En-Cycle-Pedia Catalog

INDEX 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 ELECTRICAL SECTION RED PART NUMBERS INDICATE NEW PARTS 1-84 CONTENTS REFERENCE GENERAL EXHAUST FUEL DRIVE TRAIN ENGINE WHEEL CONTROL FRONT END FRAME ELECTRICAL Coils At last, a high output single fire ignition coil that fits in the OE location and can be used with an OE style coil cover. This Twin Fire II coil by Dynatek will produce up to 40,000 volts per secondary output and has a peak gap current in excess of 50 milliamps. It can be used with 7 or 8mm spark plug wires and features a high impact thermoplastic housing with cooling fins. The primary terminals and nuts are machined from solid brass for a good transfer of electricity. Note: Will not fit models with OEM single fire ignitions such as Electronic Fuel Injection, Twin Cam or 1200 Sportster Sport. These coils will not work with mechanical advance electronic ignitions. SINGLE FIRE COIL FOR AFTERMARKET IGNITIONS Part 16070 3 OHM Fits Big Twin and Sportster with aftermarket single fire ignitions that require a 3 OHM coil IGNITION COILS FOR BIG TWIN AND SPORTSTER Part 16046 3 OHM Part 16039 5 OHM • These Dynatek coils produce in excess of 30,000 volts for crisper throttle response. • OE shape fits in the stock location and can be used with the OE style Coil Cover. • Sold each. Note: Verify ignition requirements before ordering. Part 16076 Fits Big Twin & Sportster with aftermarket single fire ignition • Single fire ignition coil from one of the industry’s most respected electronics companys. • 3 OHM primary resistance for use with most aftermarket single fire ignitions. SINGLE FIRE COIL FOR AFTERMARKET IGNITIONS