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reFerence SectIon

Cross reference charts including a chart with our catalog part number, catalog section and

page number, as well as a conversion chart for Harley-Davidson


part number to MID-USA

part number with catalog section and page number and helpful reference charts.

general merchandISe SectIon

General merchandise such as leathers, t-shirts, cold weather gear, goggles, tie downs,

service/performance manuals, chemicals, oil & lubricants, battery chargers, shop equipment,

tools, security and shop items, nuts, bolts, washers, spacers and decorative fasteners.

exhauSt SectIon

Exhaust systems, exhaust builders kit, drag pipes, baffles, mufflers, heat shields, exhaust

gaskets, exhaust studs and hardware, brackets and clamps.

Fuel SectIon (gaS, oIl, aIr)

Carburetors, carburetor rebuild kits, EFI parts, manifolds, replacement air filters, gas tanks &

hardware, gas lines, oil filters, oil line kits, oil tanks & hardware and oil pressure gauges .

drIve traIn SectIon

Everything for Standard and Wide Tire primary drive train and final drive train,

transmissions, shifters, kick starters, clutches, drive chains, chain adjusters,

sprockets, belt drives, chain covers, chain guards and all related parts.

engIne SectIon

Complete engines, parts on

and in the engine and starter drive parts

(excluding electrical,

ignition and carburetor).

Wheel SectIon

Wheel assemblies, axles & related parts, brake discs, brake pads,

brake calipers & related, brake disc hardware, drum brakes, wheel hubs & related,

rims, spokes, tires and inner tubes.

control SectIon

Brake lines & fittings, cables, forward controls, handlebar controls, handlebars &

related, speedometers, tachometers, dashes & related, mirrors, rear brake control &

related, shift controls and jockey control parts.

Front end SectIon

Fork brackets, headlight housings & covers, fork tubes & internals, fork sliders, fork

seals, stem bearings & hardware, springer front ends and springer related parts.

Frame / Body SectIon

Frames, rear forks, footrests, fenders, shocks, engine mounts, jiffy stands, footboards,

seats, highway bars, luggage racks, windshields, sissy bars, saddlebag supports and

related items.

electrIcal SectIon

Electronic and points type ignition parts and accessories, headlights, taillights, turn signals,

license plate mounts, horns, batteries & related, wiring and wiring harnesses.

Index SectIon

Alphabetical listing of parts and corresponding page numbers.